I moved to a new city and left behind a secure career in search of a slower lifestyle

Author and her partner in crime in June Lake, California

Hi everyone, it’s nice to meet you.

My name is Jennifer and I was born in St. Louis, Missouri. I always did well in school, particularly in writing and science, and was drawn to the medical field at an early age.

After high school, I weighed my options and found…

The strange case of Alexis St. Martin — the man with a lid on his stomach

A man suffering from indigestion. Coloured etching by G. Cruikshank, 1835, after A. Crowquill.. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

On June 6, 1822, 20-year-old French-Canadian Alexis St. Martin became the victim of a grisly accident. As he stood in line at the American Fur Company store on Mackinac Island, a musket accidentally discharged right next to him. The blast hit St. …

These easy-to-grow houseplants provide so many health benefits

Image/ Candid Shots/ Pixabay

For many, dreaming about White Christmas has turned into a longing for spring’s warmth and the vibrant green of nature. Bring the outdoors in with these hardy plants and start reaping the benefits.

Benefits of houseplants:

  • Lower stress levels and improved mood — there’s a reason people seek the outdoors to experience the…

From super soldiers to the darling of the mod subculture: examining the many facets of amphetamine

Image/Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Humble roots

Amphetamines conjure up many images: diet pills, all-night party (or study) sessions, and exploding backwoods labs.

Today, amphetamine and methamphetamine are only legally available as Schedule II controlled substance prescriptions. But at one time, these drugs were widely used.

The ephedra plant is known worldwide by many names. The English…

Stave off wintertime cabin fever with these fun board games

Image/ Cottonbro/ Pexels

There’s a reason board games have remained popular over the years. Easy to learn and quick to set up, board games are guaranteed to either elicit smiles and peals of laughter or accusations of cheating and board-flipping tantrums.

Interactive in…

This overlooked activity can blast fat, tone up that mid-section, and put a smile on your face

Image/ Karolina Grabowska/ Pexels

Bored with lifting weights? Tired of running on the treadmill to nowhere?

Just because we’re adults doesn’t mean our workouts should be uninspiring. Think back to what activities you enjoyed as a kid. Jump roping, hopscotch, running races — they all got the heart pumping by blending coordination with whole-body…

Imagine the traffic situation if your city hosted the World’s Fair and the Summer Olympics concurrently

The Government Building at the 1904 World’s Fair, David R. Francis/ Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

There’s a great scene in the 1944 movie, Meet Me in St. Louis. The main character, played by the iconic Judy Garland, stands on an ornate bridge gazing around at the lights of the World’s Fair. She turns to her family and gushes about the spectacular scenery, “I can’t believe…

Jennifer Mittler-Lee

Dabbles in writing, occasional pharmacist. Loves to blend science with history. Fan of medical mysteries and always curious.

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